[Trans] 130601 Reporter Rie Emoto blogs about THSK’s Concert


It is written by someone who is well known as a reporter in Kyushu area. Her name is Rie Emoto, she goes by Emorie.


Meeting THSK?

Fortunately, I was invited to THSK live tour 2013 TIME held in FUKUOKA YAFUOKU! DOME on the 25th of May. I went there feeling like their auntie.

“Did you get to see them in person?” “What did you say to them?” I’m sure lots of fans are curious. So, I’ll let you know everything. This is between you and me, OK?

As a result, I got to see them and we had a talk!

It’s been almost a year since we last met. They haven’t changed, which is a good thing. (I’m talking about their personalities)

Yunho said to me “You haven’t changed either! You have a dogan (baby-face)!” I was surprised at the fact that they even knew such a difficult word like dogan. I said “Did you two get a bit older?” to them and it made them laugh so hard.

I went to the concert on the 25th. I left my baby girl, Umechan, at home so I had to take off at the beginning of encore. I didn’t get to see them that day. I didn’t think that I could get to see them this time. However, they made time for me on the 26th before the concert began. *cries* I took Umechan with me on Sunday.I have to say that Umechan took all the attention from THSK!

When I saw them during TONE tour, I was pregnant. Yunho & Chanmin prayed for me. They sent “POWER” so that I could have an easy delivery.

This year, they got to meet Umechan in person. They smiled broadly saying “Wow~”

Even though Umechan was lucky enough to be held by Yunho & Changmin’s arms, she was tense the whole time. Maybe it was because she felt their “super star aura”? and it made her nervous?

The way they (especially Changmin) held Umechan was kind of awkward. He was so careful when Umechan was in his arms.

Because Umechan was so tense, Yunho tried Peek-a-Boo with her. Yunho turned around saying “Booooo!!!” and Umechan got so surprised. She closed her lips tightly and nearly cried. Yunho tried to dandle her saying “Pa☆Pa☆Pa~!!!” and somehow, Changmin went out in haste. Because they dandle her gently, she didn’t actually cry. Everyone was relieved.

I asked Changmin why he tried to leave and he said “I didn’t know what to do.” Yunho told Umechan to come to their concert about 5 years from now. I said, “Umechan may become an actress in the future!” and Yunho said, “If it really comes true, I’ll produce the theme song for her drama! THSK has to work hard to keep the promise!” Changmin was smiling hearing our conversation.

Our 15 minute gathering finished in a such friendly atmosphere. Some of you may know that I first met them through a TV program called “Peace!” It was right after they made their Japan debut. There was a segment called “THSK support project” in the program and I was the reporter.

Starting from the event in Canal city Hakata, we took a trip to Korea to cover their movements as TVXQ closely. We also sneaked into the studio where they were shooting a video for concert. Other than that, we had talks, fashion check,matches like futsal, basketball, bowling etc. They did lots of things in the segment and they were always expressive.

After I first met them, they became so popular that it was difficult for them to appear in the program. However, they always invited me every time they hold concerts in Fukuoka. I am so thankful to THSK and team THSK for carrying “Peace!” ties. And I’m also thankful to THSK fans for supporting me. I’m glad to get to know them through THSK. Hoping I will be able to see them again next year in Fukuoka.

To THSK fans. If you see me at the concerts, feel free to talk to me! Let’s talk about Peace! (It’s become precious nowadays?)

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One thought on “[Trans] 130601 Reporter Rie Emoto blogs about THSK’s Concert

  1. I like how always Japanese reporters and actresses talk about THSK’s concerts…
    They are so popular…. 3>

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